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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker – USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software

Best Hauwei modem unlocker software full free download. The hauwei modem unlocker software is meant for breaking and unlocking any huawei usb 3G internet modems by any network operators across the World.
Click More InfoThe Modern Unlocker Software is also referred to as universal hauwei usb modem code unlocker, since it is used in making your usb modems from huawei universal – that is being able to accept and work with other sims from other network operators.
Like those of us in Nigeria, we know that mtn fastlink/mtn 3G modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Etisalat and Airtel modems dont accept other sim cards when bought newly from any modem sales outlet? so you will need to get an huawei modem unlocker to generate the secretly coded hauwei codes so that it will work universally on all telecom network operators.
Please know that this huawei usb modem unlocker software for generating locked hauwei usb modems unlocking codes to make your modems universal e.g Mtn 3G Fastlink modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Etisalat and Airtel usb modems does not work on cdma usb modems like Visafone, multilink and Starcomms usb internet modems
Importance Of 3G/HSPDA Internet connection Packets HSPDA simply means High Service Packet Download Access – and it works majorly on 3G network. And For you to enjoy this HSPDA packet data, you will need 3G enabled usb wireless modems to get high and fast 3G internet connection browsing speed.
HSPDA is still very much far better than EDGE, GPRS and GSM network as you can use HSDPA to watch videos, bulk downloads etc. Some Nigeria telecommunication network operators internet providers that offers 3G / HSPDA internet connection are GLO and MTN with (Mtn Fastlink Modems and Glo 3G plus Modems)
Reasons Why Huawei USB Modems Unlocking Software Generator Does Not Work On CDMA USB Modems like Starcomms, Multilinks, Visafone modems etc
The reasons is because they are not 3G packet data enabled. Currently in Nigeria, CDMA network providers like Starcomms, Multilink and Visafone cant use the huawei modem unlocker to unlock their modems.
The Hauwei USB Modem Unlocker And Software Generator.
I will simply say the huwei usb modem software unlocking codes generator is strictly meant for usb 3g modems and hsdpa usb modems, irrespective of the hauwei usb modem model number such MTN Fastlink E160G, E1550, or GLO, Etisalat E150, E160G. All huawei 3G usb modems are currently supported by the Hauwei Modems Unlocker software.
Even if you use any of these types of modems – hspda modem, internet modem, 3G modem, /GPRS GSM modem, EDGE  modem, USB modem, huawei modem, Mtn 3G Fastlink modems, Glo 3G plus modems, Airtel modems, Etisalat modems, wireless modems as being described or called by most network provider, the modem unlocking code generator will do all the jwork for.
Screen shots Image on How the Hauwei Modem Unlocker Works
hauwei modem unlocker software Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker   USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software

How To Use The Huawei Modem Unlocker Software To Unlock Modems
If you have got an MTN modem, Glo modem Etisalat modem or Airtel Modem, here is how to generate your free hauwei unlocking codes to make your modem universal after downloaing the software free from the download link below.
Here are the things you need to unlock and get your modems unlocking codes easily
1. Hauwei modem unlocker
2. 3G USB Modem
3. Modem IMEI code number – usually on the body of your usb modems.
4. A Computer – Laptop or Desktop
Download and install the modem unlocker software on your desktop and copy The IMEI number of your modem into the IMEI tab of the modem unlocker as seen above and click on icon Calculate Code. It will automatically break the hauwei modem and generate you Unlock / unlocking Codes in less than 5 seconds – its so fast and easy.
just copy the unlocking codes generated by the modem unlocker and insert it into your modem. When you insert other sim card into your modems, you will be asked to input an unlocking code, so just enter the eight (8) digits unlocking codes.And Flash Code of that code of that modem.
How To Configure Your Modems After Unlocking It With Unlocking codes to Work On Other sim cards By Other Network Operators.
To Browse with other Network sim card, just configure the Hauwei 3G USB modem user interface – almost all huawei usb modems have similar User Graphics Interface By clicking on
Tools > Options > then click on Profile Management
3g Modems Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker   USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software

Profile Name: Anything that is convenient for you E.g GLO  3G PLUS
Access Number: *99#
APN: glosecure or glogwap
PASSWORD: gprs or wap 
USERNAME: gprs or wap
Profile Name: Anything that is convenient for you E.g MTN – 3G
Access Number: *99#
APN: etisalatAccess Number:*99#
User Name: Leave blank
Password: You can also leave it blank
NOTE: As for the Advanced Settings tab, leave everything there blank
3g modems2 Hauwei 3G USB Modem Unlocker   USB Internet Modems Unlocking Codes Generator Software

Tricks For Browsing Fast With Unlimited speeds Without Continual/Frequent Disconnecting.
As you may have experienced especially with MTN fastlink Modems and GLO 3G Plus Modems, they do frequently disconnect waving and fluctuating from one network signal to another e.g from HSPDA to EDGE or From EDGE to GPRS or GSM in worst cases. You stop this irritaing slow internet connection by re-configuring your modem user inferface.
Click On Tools > Option > and click Network under Network Type select WCDMA Only (glo users) 3G Only (mtn users) then click on Apply and Save, you won’t experience any kind of frequent network disconnection or fluctuation again with this simple browsing tricks.
NOTE: Note that most recent MTN 3G USB MODEMS don’t work with GLO sims even after unlocking the modems, but glo works on all – etisalat, mtn and airtel. So i recommend you get a glo Modem, unlock it and use your mtn sim and other network sims on it.
Click Here to Download the Full Hauwei Modem Unlocker Software and the Universal Master Code Unlocker Software – Full Free Download and get your huawei usb modem unlocking codes today and unlock your modem and make it universal so that it can browse on all network.
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  1. Unlocker is well application which used for break codes. It used well on easily break codes of modem. Sounds give it well image to make better uses.

  2. Send your Modem IMEI code number to get your unlock code free

  3. It's very really amazing information.
    But Before read that post.I unlocked my Dongle with a help of for use my own sim card.

  4. Hi Guys.

    You can get unlocking services and free instant & online firmware flash code from here



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